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Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Mar 21 00:05:49 UTC 2005

At 7:53 PM +0000 2005-03-20, Per Hedeland wrote:

>  OK - but surely you have the cooperation of those that do control the
>  news server, and they are configuring it specifically for this
>  gatewaying.

	We do have access to the news server, just like any other news 
client on the local network.

>               A mailing list gateway should be treated as a "feed" on the
>  news server side, for both directions, because that's what it is - and
>  such a configuration properly done is also all that is really needed on
>  the news server side.

	That might be the preferred configuration, but I can assure you 
that this sort of thing is not going to be universally available, and 
so Mailman cannot assume that this is the only method that will be 
used.  Client-side methods have to be assumed first, since they can 
be pretty much guaranteed to be universally accessible.

	If you want to provide code to implement a minimal news server in 
Python and incorporate all the necessary mail-to-news gateway 
features, I'm sure that the Mailman developers would be interested in 
seeing what you've got.  At the very least, it would be an 
interesting addition to the system.

	But the client-side code would remain, because it would have to.

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