[ntp:questions] Re: Basic Question - How often does Client poll Server?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 21 18:29:04 UTC 2005

zev wrote:

>NTP Experts,
>I have a Bay Networks router which supports an NTP Client and allows me
>to specify a list of NTP Servers.
>My question is regarding the amount of traffic the NTP protocol will
>generate on the network.  How often does an NTP Client poll the NTP
>Server?  Unlike other IP protocols there doesnt seem to be a fixed
>timer interval.
ntpd selects its own poll interval and varies it as circumstances 
dictate.  It will typically start at 64 seconds and increase to 1024 
seconds.  If it finds that its clock is drifting with respect to the 
server it may shorten the polling interval again until it has 

The only way to be certain exactly what it will do in any particular set 
of circumstances is to try it and watch the statistics.

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