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Tue Mar 22 22:52:27 UTC 2005

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> Hello,
> I have a question regarding ntpd on Windows XP.
> I have successfully compiled and run Instsrv.exe to register ntpd as
> an NT  service.
> When service is run, even though the clock is several seconds off, it
> does  not initially STEP into correct time. I tried with "-g"
> parameter also at no  avail.

Parameters could not be passed to ntpd via the registry key that points
to the ntpd binary. However, thanks to some extraordinary insight by
Martin Burnicki, the it does work with the latest development code. I
haven't had a chance to announce that yet.

In the meantime you can always use: ntpd -ngq from the commandline to
get an initial synchronization.

If Terje wants to build from the latest codebase and make it available
it would be useful for the Windows users. Or I could try to create a
unadulterated build and make that available.


> When I started it with "-q" parameter so as to simulate "ntpdate", the
> lock  steps into correct time.
> Shouldnot ntpd first STEP and then SLEW the clock if it need be? And
> since  "several seconds" is more than the step threshold (=128msec), I
> expect to  see a large, coarse STEP initially and SLEW at the rest of
> the time...
> Thank you,
> -Kemal. 
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