[ntp:questions] Re: ntpd on Windows XP

Kemal Oral CANSIZLAR ocansizlar at comcast.net
Wed Mar 23 13:41:34 UTC 2005


"Richard B. Gilbert" <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> wrote in message 
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> Kemal Oral CANSIZLAR wrote:
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>>>Kemal Oral CANSIZLAR <ocansizlar at comcast.net> wrote:
>>>>I have a question regarding ntpd on Windows XP.
>>>>I have successfully compiled and run Instsrv.exe to register ntpd as an 
>>>>When service is run, even though the clock is several seconds off, it 
>>>>not initially STEP into correct time. I tried with "-g" parameter also 
>>>>at no
>>>How long did you wait?  Once it determines which clocks are suitable for
>>>synchronization, it should step.  With the default settings (no iburst)
>>>this can take 3 to 4 minutes.
>>Thanks alot, I forgot to append "burst" "iburst" commands, now it 
>>functions as I expected.
> Please don't use burst!!!   iburst and only iburst is what you need.
> burst causes ntpd to send eight requests at two second intervals at each 
> poll interval.  This places eight times the normal load on the server and 
> is a very unfriendly thing to do!!!!

Oh OK, I thought "iburst" was applicable when the server was unreachable 
(although I couldnot understand the statement),
but setting only "iburst" also seems to work fine (converge quickly as 
possible). Thank you for the note, I wouldnot choose to abuse time services 
unnecessarily :) So, does iburst read as "initial burst"?

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