[ntp:questions] Surplus Alpha as timeserver?

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Mar 25 20:29:49 UTC 2005

At 7:49 PM +0000 2005-03-25, Bjorn Gabrielsson wrote:

>  What OS should I run? Linux, FreeBSD or Tru64?
>  The AlphaStation is almost a decade old. But a quick testing over
>  night with NTP shows a respectable clock drift below 2ppm.

	Alpha under Digital Unix (or whatever you call it) is one of the 
most respected platforms I've heard of, with regards to tracking and 
serving high accuracy/precision time.

>  The goal is to set the machine up as a public reachable time
>  server. In due time with a local GPS refclock.

	Very cool.

>  I am mostly a Linux guy, but there is no PPSkit for Linux/alpha.
>  FreeBSD/alpha might be better as suggested by
>          http://phk.freebsd.dk/pubs/timecounter.pdf
>  Is FreeBSD/alpha as good as FreeBSD/x86? What about Tru64?

	Regretfully, Alpha is no longer a Tier One platform for FreeBSD. 
The issue is that the hardware platform is a dead-end, and it's very 
hard to attract enough developers to work on the deep kernel stuff 
for it.  FreeBSD probably still has decent support for Alpha (perhaps 
better than most versions of Linux), but it's not as good as their 
support for Intel-x86, UltraSPARC, and IA64.

	If you're amenable to other alternatives, I'd be willing to bet 
that NetBSD would still be quite decent on Alpha.

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