[ntp:questions] Re: Mother Of All Clocks

Mxsmanic mxsmanic at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 25 21:25:35 UTC 2005

Marc Brett writes:

> Sheesh!  What kind of client needs that sort of time security? 

Anyone who requires tight synchronization or closely-spaced, accurate
timestamps ... anyone who is currently using NTP, presumably (otherwise
why is he using NTP?).  There are lots of applications for accurate
time.  Securities trading and gambling and banking and various other
dynamic appliations come immediately to mind.

> How much damage would result if the time were wrong?

Millions of dollars, in some cases.  If the price of shares of X was
$1000 at 12:00 and dropped to $750 at 12:01, and a trade of ten million
shares is incorrectly stamped one minute late, that's a loss of $2.5

> Meinberg would be doing the world a favour by publishing a detailed explanation
> about WHY we might need need a behemoth like this.  It's not obvious to the
> average beancounter.

The people who need accurate time already know why they need it.

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