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Heiko Gerstung hg at heiko-gerstung.de
Tue Mar 29 04:01:29 UTC 2005

Bjorn Gabrielsson <bg at lysator.liu.se> wrote in message news:<m3mzsogir5.fsf at lysator.liu.se>...
> hg at heiko-gerstung.de (Heiko Gerstung) writes:
> > reception system, which includes a DCF77 correlation receiver (the
> > german radio time system based on an AM transmitter).
> Guess you are correlating the phase shift code also present on the
> DCF77. What accuracy do you get in comparison with just using AM?
> -- Björn

Please see http://www.meinberg.de/english/info/dcf77.htm, the page
contains a short paragraph concerning the pseudo-random phase noise of
DCF77. Our PZF models (like the PZF 509) are able to get in the range
of microseconds and this is something other DCF77 receivers do not 
archieve (AFAIK). If you know of any other receivers using this
feature of DCF77, please let me know :-)

Kind regards,

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