[ntp:questions] Re: Due diligence

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Mon May 2 02:52:47 UTC 2005

Lee Sailer wrote:

>As I am sure that you all know, there is a legal concept of "due
>diligence".  More of less, this means that you are trying to do things
>right, even if you are not doing things perfectly.  (I am not a lawyer.
> No flames, please.)
>HP-UX ships with version 3.5f of xntpd (I think). For those NTP buffs
>out there, do you think the use of this old version is good enough to
>show due diligence?  My company supplies financial services (not time
>services) to cusotmers world-wide.  We use NTP internally to keep our
>hosts in sync.
>Just asking...
ntpd v4.2 has a number of improvements over v3.5.  Is there some reason 
not to run it?  If the performance of v3.5 meets or exceeds your 
requirements you are probably ok (I am not a lawyer either) but the 
improvements in v4.2 are such that your time should be a little closer 
to being correct when using it.  I don't believe the improvements are 
going to make a huge difference, but you would have to ask Professor 
Mills for a quantitative assessment.

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