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Mike Saunders method at method.cx
Mon May 2 13:52:36 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2 May 2005 mayer at gis.net wrote:

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>> Hi Richard,
>> Thank you for your kind help.
>> But I mailed you only after that attempt. In this case the 'w32tm
>> /resync' command in the time server returns the same error(no time
>> data was available).
> Install the Windows version of ntpd and synchronize that way. Forget
> about w32time. If you want to discuss w32time go to a Windows
> news group.
> Danny

 	I've got 3 Windows Server 2003 DC's here between two sites with 3 
member servers synching to them.  In Active Directory there's a PDC 
emulator and that's the primary machine for the forest or domain that 
controlls the time synchronization.  All other DC's sync the PDC and the 
member servers sync to the DC they logged into.  How does ntpd fit in with 
the PDC emulator role?  Is it pretty much a drop-in replacement for w32tm? 
If I put ntpd on the PDC emulator, should I also put ntpd on the other two 
DC's and peer the two that are in the same site?

-Mike Saunders
method at method dot cx

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