[ntp:questions] Re: Help needed with excessive drift

Joshua Coombs jcoombs at gwi.net
Mon May 2 20:49:34 UTC 2005

<mlawdawg at yahoo.com> wrote in message 
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> I'm new to NTP and could use some help. I've ported NTP 4.2.0 from
> ntp.org to vxWorks running on pentium(x86) and mips. My port is 
> based
> on Casey Crellin's vxWorks port.
> I need help in debugging/fixing excessive drift. On my pentium hw, 
> an
> intel pc motherboard, the drift was -7.905ppm after 1 hour and
> eventually gets pegged at -500ppm. On my proprietary mips platform, 
> the
> drift is -371.746ppm after several days of running.
> What steps/actions can I take to debug and resolve the drift?

Does the drift stabilize at -371 or continue to degrade from there?

If it stabilizes, thats just how far off your clock is.  You're 
withing the 500ppm NTP can cope with, so all should be ok.

Joshua Coombs 

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