[ntp:questions] Re: Help needed with excessive drift

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Tue May 3 02:18:55 UTC 2005

mlawdawg at yahoo.com wrote:

>On my mips hw, it stabilizes at around -371.  On my intel pentium pc
>hw, I removed my ntp.drift file and restarted ntpd. After ~8hrs, it's
>at -120.
Your drift value is merely the current correction being applied to the 
clock frequency.   This value is stored, once per hour, in the drift 
file if you specified one.  When it is necessary to restart ntpd, the 
value from the drift file will be used to provide a reasonable initial 
value.  Any value in the range +/-500 is acceptable.  The closer this 
value is to zero, the greater the native accuracy of  your computer's 
clock.  Without the -120 correction, your clock would be gaining 4-5 
seconds per day; not great but typical of computer clocks.

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