[ntp:questions] RS-422 Cards

Stewart Pelegan spelegan at csc.com
Tue May 3 11:42:16 UTC 2005

I've found out that in order to use the customer's GPS source on-site, I 
will have to interface with a 25 pin RS-422 port.  The workstation 
receiving the GPS data and running the ntp daemon only has a 9 pin RS-232 
port.  I'd like to test my RS-422/232 converter on some RS-422 source, but 
I can't seem to find any...other than going to the customer's site.  Does 
anyone know where I can get an RS-422 PCI card with a DB25 port?  When I 
go to the local CompUSA and Radio Shack, all I get is puzzled looks. 

Stewart Pelegan
Computer Sciences Corporation
Fax: 301.921.0985

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