[ntp:questions] ntp client: keep all servers at startup

mike michael.no.spam.cook at wanadoo.fr
Wed May 4 11:21:58 UTC 2005

You might consider configuring the server as a broadcast server, and
the client as a broadcast client. That way the client will be listening
for incoming packets at startup. If none arrive, or the server does not 
respond, it should just stay in the listening mode. So if the server 
isn't up/responding it should not affect the capability of the client to 
aquire good time once the server is back online.

Ralf Fassel wrote:
> * "Vaidotas J." <dtroit at ktu.lt>
> | maybe You should try something like this
> | server 192.168.1.x prefer ?
> Already tried that, no success.  The server is not listed.  The 'true'
> attribute does not help either.  Thanks anyway for the suggestion.
> I guess I will have to scan the output of 'ntpq -c pe' and check that
> the required host is listed, and give a warning else, so the user can
> take appropriate steps.
> R'

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