[ntp:questions] Re: Help needed with excessive drift

Tom Smith smith at cag.lkg.hp.com
Fri May 6 09:41:27 UTC 2005

Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 11:32 PM +0000 2005-05-05, Tom Smith wrote:
>>  Yes, well that's not close enough. You should be within 128 msec
>>  before you start ntpd.
>     Not true.  128msec is the threshold for stepping versus slewing. 
> Being 200 seconds out before starting ntpd is not a problem.  Being more 
> than 1000 seconds out before starting ntpd could be a problem, if you 
> don't use the "-g" option.
>>  You need to insert "ntpdate -b [server]" before you start ntpd.
>     You didn't read a word he wrote, did you?  He said that he doesn't 
> have a version of ntpdate that has been ported over, so he used "ntpd 
> -q" instead.
>>  And if you then delete ntp.drift and _then_ start ntpd?
>     Which is exactly what he did.  Go back and re-read what he wrote, 
> but this time pay attention.

Yes, failure to read can be a real problem, as can quoting out
of context.

"You need to insert "ntpdate -b [server]" before you start ntpd.
If you don't have an ntpdate, insert an "ntpd -gq" before you
delete ntp.drift."

Mr. Law is rebooting, then deleting ntp.drift, then sometimes running
ntpd -g(?), then running ntpd. I asked what happened if he
deleted ntpd AFTER setting the clock and BEFORE running ntpd. I'm
sure Mr. Law has an answer that _he_ can provide.

Failure to quote accurately is just rude.

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