[ntp:questions] Software for Windows 2000 and Placer 450 GPS

Will DELETE_westes at earthbroadcast.com
Sun May 8 00:11:10 UTC 2005

I found out that we have a Placer 450 GPS here, and I want to
know which software package would give the best result reading
the NMEA data over serial from Windows 2000.   I have seen a
package named Tardis advertised that seems cheap and very focused
on this application.   Are there better choices?   I don't really
need NTPD for this network, but if I got that I wouldn't complain

I like the Placers because they have multiple serial ports.
That gives us a way to have the same GPS source provide data to
two completely isolated networks we run that have problems
reaching each other by NTP (Microsoft issues, not our choice).
We can run a single long GPS antenna to the roof of a commercial
building, then use the Placer base station to send NMEA data to
multiple listeners.

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