[ntp:questions] Linux NTP Polling

Geoff g_wynn at ozemail.com.au
Tue May 10 13:53:55 UTC 2005


I have a Linux based switch that I need to hvae syncronise with an NTP
server.  It WILL sync on startup and the time/date is correct but if the NTP
time source is changed (date time change) the Linux Switch does not change
it's time to reflect.  The NTPD Daemon is supposed to (I am told) do this
automatically but it does not.

I have set-up in /etc the ntp.conf file with an ip address of the NTP time
source and also in /etc/ntp/step-tickers the same ip address.  Now as I say
this appears to sync upon boot-up when the Daemon first starts but never

I need to know how to make this witch Poll the NTP Server to maintain time
with it.  It does not seem to be polling for the time source after intitial

Can anyone help me please?!

Canberra, Australia

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