[ntp:questions] NTP on Windows without I/O Completion Ports

Som Naderi snaderi at spawar.navy.mil
Mon May 9 22:59:41 UTC 2005

Hello all.  I'm having a problem with NTP (4.2.0) for Windows.  When I
compile NTP for Windows without I/O completion ports, I can't get the
service to stop.  I've tried it on XP and 2000.  Is there anything I need to
know?  All I'm doing right now is commenting out the #define for the
completion ports and recompile.  I also comment out an
"uninit_io_completion_port()" call in the service_exit() call. it isn't
wrapped in the completion port #define, but that doesn't seem to lead to any
non-completion port related code.  Also, the build fails if I don't comment
it out.


When I go to services and try to stop the NTP service, it just sits there
and never stops.  Eventually I get a Windows error telling me the service
won't stop.  Forever after, the NTP service is marked as "Stopping".


Any suggestions?


Thanks for the help!


Som Naderi
SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego
GPS/Navigation Division, Code 2311
Phone: 619-553-8781


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