[ntp:questions] NTP on Windows without I/O Completion Ports

mayer mayer at gis.net
Wed May 11 12:47:32 UTC 2005

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> Hello all.  I'm having a problem with NTP (4.2.0) for Windows.  When I
> compile NTP for Windows without I/O completion ports,

Why would you do that? It's not designed to work without it. The define
is only there so that windows-specific code is included while other
don't include it.

> I can't get the
> service to stop.  I've tried it on XP and 2000.  Is there anything I
> need to know?  All I'm doing right now is commenting out the #define
> for the completion ports and recompile.  I also comment out an
> "uninit_io_completion_port()" call in the service_exit() call. it
> isn't wrapped in the completion port #define, but that doesn't seem to
> lead to any non-completion port related code.  Also, the build fails
> if I don't comment it out.
> When I go to services and try to stop the NTP service, it just sits
> there and never stops.  Eventually I get a Windows error telling me
> the service won't stop.  Forever after, the NTP service is marked as
> "Stopping".

There is no way of telling what happens when you did this, not that
it matters. The windows code cannot work without I/O competion ports.

> Any suggestions?

Maybe you should explain what you are really trying to do that caused
you to try and remove the #define. We may be able to suggest other
ways of doing what you want to do. Contact me offline if you want to
keep it confidential.


> Thanks for the help!
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