[ntp:questions] Re: Linux NTP Polling

Darren Dunham ddunham at redwood.taos.com
Wed May 11 15:06:46 UTC 2005

Geoff <g_wynn at ozemail.com.au> wrote:
> Darren, many thanks.

> Actually the change in time is significant, by years, not seconds.  How can
> I test it is actually re-syncing if the max timeout is 1000 seconds (ok,
> 1000 secs is ok but is it Secs or Msecs?)  I can change the time by a few
> mins to check if you think that is the better option, all I want to know is
> if it is re-syncing.  I waited 1/2 hour to an hour.

Then run 'ntpq -p' and post the output.

Can I back up real quick and ask why you're trying to propogate very
large time changes?  It's entirely possible that you should be using
something other than ntpd to process these changes.

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