[ntp:questions] Re: XNTP for SGI IRIX 6.2

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Fri May 13 12:08:08 UTC 2005

Walter Schrabmair wrote:

> I have downloaded the Xntp Tardist from your site.
> http://reality.exsgi.org/scotth/info/xntp.html
> But myn man pages are not found. When I make man xntp nothing is found.
> But I installed teh man subsystem.
> Where do I have to enter the timeserveraddress? (e.g. clock.fmt.he.net )
> How can I see that my time is adjusted with that server?
> Thanks for helping

The documentation is in the .html subdirectory.  You can read it with a 
web browser.   If you don't have a browser, it is formatted so as to be 
readable as text also.  If the distribution you downloaded does not 
include the .html directory, the documentation is also available online at

In answer to your specific question, you need to to create /etc/ntp.conf 
with, at least, the statement:
server clock.fmt.he.net

A minimum of four servers is strongly recommended!

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