[ntp:questions] Re: can't bind socket 10048

mayer mayer at gis.net
Sun May 15 21:25:42 UTC 2005

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> In article <4282568d$0$10507$9b4e6d93 at newsread4.arcor-online.net>,
> hans at msn.de wrote:
> > I wanted to use the WINSNTP ver.15f to synchronise with a time
> server.
> The reference implementation is free of charge, although you are
> expected to support yourself.
> (I don't know if the 10048 is a socket number, in which case you
> probably don't have a clash with W32Time, or a error number.)

That's a WSA socket error number. The error means that the address
is in use. It means something else is using it. As David said, you
need to stop w32time first before using it. The free reference
implementation works better and a binary kit is available for


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