[ntp:questions] problem with synchronizing two comps to each other

Mike miodek.STOP.SPAM at thebestnudes.com
Thu May 19 12:37:46 UTC 2005


For some reasons I need to synchronize two computers to each other. 
Synchronization with GMT time is not necessery. I just want them to 
share the same time. What accurancy can I get using NTP? 1 ms would be 
perfect. How can I do it? I suppose I need some Linux for it, are there 
any special distribution giving good precision?
I thought about connecting both comps with an ethernet cable, and asking 
one of them to synchronize with the other one. I thought I've done it, 
but it took like 3 seconds and when checking with
ntpq -q IP_adress
it started changing, 1ms each second, is it possible? (it's more than 10 
minuts every 24hours)

thanks in advance for all the help


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