[ntp:questions] problem with synchronizing two comps to each other

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri May 20 18:17:38 UTC 2005

At 3:18 PM +0200 2005-05-20, Martin Burnicki wrote:

>  I've also seen that the ACPI implementation in a PC BIOS affects the quality
>  of time keeping. With ACPI enabled there's been some jitter in the system
>  clock, but after ACPI had been disabled by the BIOS programmers, the jitter
>  disappeared. You can't blame things like this on Linux.

	No, I'm not "blaming" those sorts of things on Linux.  However, 
when a user reports a problem of this sort, odds are more likely than 
not that they will probably be using Linux.  The problems tend to 
coincide, but there is not a causal relationship.

	If they were using FreeBSD (or one of the other *BSD operating 
systems), they would still have the same potential hardware issues, 
and they could still have similar clock speed/interrupt dropping 
issues, but then they would also be more likely to be more 
experienced with their OS and less likely to need our help, or at 
least less likely to need our help with more basic issues.

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