[ntp:questions] Faster stratum switch

Fabian Koch tabascoeye at gmx.de
Fri May 20 20:41:44 UTC 2005

Hey Folks,

I have a kind of specific problem.
One Host is a NTP Server using his local clock as ref clock (don't ask,
please), multiple clients need to synchronize with this one.

Now. The problem is that if I boot up the whole field as one (which is
what I want), the Server is not yet giving out valid NTP Packets, only
Packets with stratum 16.
It takes several minutes until it reaches stratum 11, which I
configured. So during this time, the clients boot up, their
bootup-ntpdate doensn't get valid Packets and afterwards their ntpd
doesn't accept the packets, because the time is way too much out of sync.

Now my idea was to configure the server to directly go to stratum 11. I
know this is a bad idea in terms of drifting and time discrepancies, but
I need it to be that way (read: My boss wants it that way).

So do you have any suggestions, how this could be accomplished?

kind regards
Fabian Koch

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