[ntp:questions] Re: WWV audio driver, FreeBSD, Can't seem to get it going

wa6zvp at gmail.com wa6zvp at gmail.com
Tue May 24 03:32:37 UTC 2005

Early on, I was using the Traconix 1020, picking up a spot not too far
from the
AM detector.  Without a schematic, its hard to tell if any filtering
has already
taken place.  However, I observe it on a scope and I can pick out the
ticks and even see the 100 Hz.

I have also had it on a Kenwood TS940 headphone jack.  Set for AM, no
ability to put the 2.1 Khz filter on in that mode in this rig.  On the
scope it
looks about the same as the Traconix, maybe a tad less 100hz, but not
by much.

Out here on the left coast, we quite often here both WWv and WWVH on
both 10Mhz and 15Mhz.  How does this effect the 5ms. ticks and the
filters?  Most of the time one of them dominates by 6-10+db, but at
they are neck and neck.


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