[ntp:questions] Extend time synchronization to Windows

ohaya ohaya at cox.net
Tue May 24 06:11:24 UTC 2005


Earlier, I had posted an inquiry about getting a simple NTP setup for a
small set of Solaris servers.  To recap, what I ended up with was
(pardon my possible misuse of terminology):

Solaris1 - Setup as NTP "server" - self-referenced clock

Solaris2 thru Solaris7 - Setup as NTP "clients", with "server"
statements in ntp.conf all pointing to "Solaris1"

Now, I also have a small set consisting of 3 Windows machines.  "MS01"
is the root domain controller, and "MS04" and "MS05" are members of the

I've been researching how we can extend the time synchronization that I
setup for the Solaris machines to these Windows machines.  Again, I want
a simple setup, and the main goal is that the machine times stay in
synch with each other.

>From what I can tell, I can accomplish this by:

On MS01:  Do "net time /setsntp:Solaris1".  This will cause MS01 (the
domain controller) to synch time with Solaris1

On MS04 and MS05:  I have to start the W32Time service:

net time stop
w32tm -once
net time start

and make sure that the W32Time ("Windows Time") service in these two
machines is enabled to Automatic startup.

Does the above sound about right?


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