[ntp:questions] Re: different times from same ntp server

Tapio Sokura oh2kku at iki.fi
Wed May 25 15:20:11 UTC 2005

Metal Gear wrote:
> i m having a very strange problem. the problem is that when i get time from 
> clock2.redhat.com <http://clock2.redhat.com> for my windows machine then it 
> is giving the correct time (according to out country's standard time) but 
> when i try to syncronize my linux (redhat 9) machine from same ntp server (
> clock2.redhat.com <http://clock2.redhat.com>) then there is a time differnce 
> of +1 hour. My linux machine is always one hour ahead of (standard time). 
> Since i have tried this on my other linux and windows machines i m having 
> same typr of problem, linux is always ahead one hour. Do anybody know aboout 
> this type of problem, any assistance.

You have probably incorrectly set the timezone on your Linux machine (or 
there is a daylight saving time discrepancy between reality and your 
OS's timezone definitions). NTP always works in UTC so getting correct 
local time depends on your computer knowing the UTC offset.

You don't necessarily need to know the UTC offset, just select the 
correct timezone based on your country/city and in most cases it will be 
set automatically. If you select a fixed UTC offset instead of the 
country/city setting, beware that it will not do automatic daylight 
saving time corrections, they will have to be set manually by changing 
the timezone when the switch takes place.

Depending on your Linux distribution the proper way to set the timezone 
varies, in Red Hat / Fedora a program called timeconfig will let you 
select the timezone.


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