[ntp:questions] Transparent NTP in-node forwarding

Jiri Hlusi jiri.hlusi at nokia.com
Thu May 26 08:44:29 UTC 2005


Does anybody have an idea how to setup NTP request forwarding
between different IPs on the same node?


- My server has its fixed node IP, and ntpd running properly
- Later on, I'd like to introduce another virtual IP on the same
  server, possibly bound to the same or even different NIC on
  the same machine
- As the last, I'd like to use "something" that would allow me to
  forward NTP messages received on the Virtual IP to the NTP
  port on the node IP, and re-route received responses back
  back to the original requestor

Can something like that work at all (e.g. from the NTP protocol

The core reason for the above construct is that the Virtual IP
used should serve as a reference point for external dependent
entities, while I'd be still free to change my node IP anytime
I need to do so. Secondly, I'd alos like to be able to start/stop
the service anytime needed....

NTPD seems to bind to all available IP interfaces at its startup,
and there is no chance to change this later. Hence, in case that the
Virtual IP is introduced *after* local ntpd is started (due to whatever
reason), the only way to make ntpd to use it is to restart the daemon
as such. That's something I wouldn't like to do .....

Thanks a lot!

-- Jiri

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