[ntp:questions] I'm missing something about restrict

Scott Becker skot at goe.to
Fri May 27 18:13:09 UTC 2005

I've got a working time server for my building.
I'm trying to use it to sync my other servers instead of them bugging 
the public servers.
I'm trying to specify them with the restrict line but still get denied.

Here's my config file:
# default config (with RHEL)
restrict default nomodify notrap noquery

# my subnet - timeservice works from this
restrict mask nomodify notrap

# my host outside my subnet - it gets 'unreachable'
restrict nomodify notrap
# I added this but it didn't help

# the servers I'm syncing from
server clock.via.net
server bigben.ucsd.edu

# rest of the default config
server     # local clock
fudge stratum 10

driftfile /var/lib/ntp/drift
broadcastdelay  0.008

keys            /etc/ntp/keys

I've read all I can about the restrict command and as far as I can tell 
this should work but it don't.


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