[ntp:questions] Re: Strange ntpd problem

John DeDourek dedourek at unb.ca
Sat May 28 22:53:22 UTC 2005

Chris Brenton wrote:
> Greets all,
> I have a problem that I hope someone else has seen before as it has me
> totally confused.
> I'm setting up two NTP servers based on Fedora-3. Both are running
> version 4.2 of NTP. The ntp.conf is identical on both systems. All I
> changed was the time sync servers and which IP's can time sync.
> Obviously, one of the servers is working fine and the other is not.
> Here's some info on the one that is not:


Consider the possibility that you encountered the bug described
in Red Hat Bugzilla, but number 154759
(this link might work:
Briefly, Fedora Core 3 includes a new security feature that
attempts to prevent some exploits performed by means of buffer
overruns.  The security feature terminates processes when it
thinks code is being executed from the stack.  This has
apparently been killing ntpd (and some other services).  Whether
it is a bug in ntpd (good programs don't execute code from
the stack), a bug in one of the libraries used by ntpd, or a
bug in the security checks is being investigated.

The bug description includes a workaround that disables
the security check for ntpd using the execstack utility.

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