[ntp:questions] Re: different times from same ntp server

Tapio Sokura oh2kku at iki.fi
Mon May 30 12:39:54 UTC 2005

Metal Gear wrote:
> solution for that. One other question is that should i check 'System clock 
> uses UTC' or not. I m using REdhat 9.

I'd say it is mostly a matter of personal preference. On machines that 
only run linux I usually keep the system clock in UTC. One advantage of 
keeping the clock in UTC is that the time is never ambiguous, which is 
possible if the timezone is not UTC and observes summer time. A system 
clock doesn't store the timezone/UTC offset information, so when booting 
it can't tell the OS whether the switch to daylight saving time has or 
has not been done.


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