[ntp:questions] Re: different times from same ntp server

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Mon May 30 13:36:43 UTC 2005

Metal Gear wrote:

>Thanks for the help,
>i exactly did what u said copying the lines and running zic command all went 
>fine. Now when i run date command i m shown the exact date and time but in 
>system tray i m shown the one hour ahead of the local time is there any 
>solution for that. One other question is that should i check 'System clock 
>uses UTC' or not. I m using REdhat 9.
It looks to me as if you are having Linux problems, not NTP problems.  
Your system is keeping the correct time, just displaying an incorrect 
offset in one place.  A Linux group is probably a better place to look 
for help.

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