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Tue May 31 22:25:09 UTC 2005



I would appreciate any information that you can provide regarding a problem
that I experience from time to time [no pun intended!] with the Cambridge
University Time Server.


On two or three occasions, today [27th May] being one of them, when I
synchronise my PC, the result is WILDLY inaccurate. Just a few minutes ago,
whilst attempting to synchronise from Cambridge, it reset my PC lock to a
date in July 1926! The last time this occurred, I did not note the update,
and was unaware of any problem until after the PC had been re-booted; and
then I had to uninstall my AV software and others, then reinstall after a
re-boot, in order to rectify all the problems caused by this crazy
adjustment to my PC clock!


The program I use to update the clock is 'PC Atomic Synch', which offers a
choice of several servers, and allows one to select the server with the
least delay. Currently, this is the Paris Observatory [Stratum 2] with a net
delay indicated as approx 0.183 secs. Typical delay indications are from
0.18 - 0.5 secs, depending on the location of the server, but on occasions,
such as today, the Cambridge server delay indication is 3.33e+0! 


Can you explain this for me please? Does the fault lie with my set up, or is
there an intermittent problem with the Cambridge server? 

Any response would be much appreciated. Please reply to
g.mercer at btinternet.com 


Thanks & Kind Regards 


Graham Mercer 




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