[ntp:questions] Re: a few questions about broadcast

vrkid0 at gmail.com vrkid0 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 09:21:43 UTC 2005

Hi Steve

Some how you are always a step ahead of me ;-) Adding restrictions is
my next step (I finally added authentication the other day). With my
current setup of: 2 broadcast servers (that peer each other) and the
rest of the subnet being broadcast clients. What set of restrictions is
recommended (assuming highest level of paranoia ;-))

Please take a look at the authentication I've setup (below) and let me
know what you think:
"server1" sends broadcasts with "key1". "server2" sends broadcasts with
"key2". both servers peers with each other using "key3". This means
that "server1" trusts "key1" and "key3". "server2" trusts "key2" and
"key3" and the broadcast clients trust "key2" and "key3"


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