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CBee I.Dont at want.your.spam
Wed Nov 9 09:17:14 UTC 2005

vrkid0 at gmail.com wrote:

> Hi
>   I have a network that has 3 different sites, with each site on a
> different continent. Each of the sites is connected directly to the
> internet and the 3 sites are intterconnected to each other with VPN. 2
> of the sites are Windows (only)networks and thus have their clocks
> synchronized (only internally) by the domain controllers of the site's
> domain. The 3rd site is built from a mix of *UX and Windows servers
> (some of them with and some without Active Directory).
>   The obvious thing to do is to setup the Windows domain controllers as
> SNTP clients of some external reliable NTP server (probably from
> pool.ntp.org) in each (Windows only) site and setup a NTP subnet in the
> mixed environment with the windows domain controllers and the stand
> alone servers as SNTP clients of some local NTP servers. Should I
> should attempt to synchronize the clocks between sites or trust the
> fact that each site is synchronized with external, and reliable,
> sources?

That depends on the network between the sites and the needed time-sync quality. 
I'd say to sync each site on its internet providers ref clocks. If not, then use 
the pool.ntp.org ones for the area (see www.pool.ntp.org)

Just for monitoring purposes, you can have the reference clocks see each other 
as peers.


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