[ntp:questions] Re: What does refer to?

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at meinberg.de
Thu Nov 10 10:07:43 UTC 2005


Danny Mayer wrote:
> The refid should NOT be fudgeable, it's meant for loop prevention.

In fact AFAIK it is fudgeable only for refclocks, not for normal
client/server associations.

>> .. beside the fact that ntpq may try to do DNS reverse lookups on that
>> number, which will not give any useful result, but introduce delays until
>> the DNS query times out:
>> # host
>> Host not found: 2(SERVFAIL)
> It shouldn't, it's the refid and not an IPv4 address.

Right, it shouldn't. It should display ".INIT." instead of that number, but
since it displays the number it has not determined that the refid should be
interpreted as a string.

I've observed with earlier versions of ntpq that when it has not determined
that the refid is a string it *has* sent DNS reverse lookups for the
corresponding number. I've posted that on the bugs list at the beginning of
2002. Unfortunately this was before the mailman era, so you won't find this
in the mailman archives.

Martin Burnicki

Meinberg Funkuhren
Bad Pyrmont

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