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Tim tim at mail.localhost.invalid
Thu Nov 10 16:21:48 UTC 2005


>> There's this little glitch with the current implementation, whether
>> that be NTP or NTP on Fedora:
>> If your internet connection goes down, NTP stops using it to connect to
>> servers.  Later, when your internet connection returns, it still makes
>> no attempt to connect to internet servers through the returned
>> connection.

Hal Murray:
> Is that a general statement about network connections or are you
> referring to the special case of DHCP when the new connection comes back
> up with a different IP address?

PPP networking in general, as far as I can tell.  I don't have a static
IP, so I cannot tell what it would do if PPP came back up with the same IP.
However, if I were to redial immediately, I'll usually get the same IP
address, and I don't recall NTP still working after that happened.

I seem to recall someone else writing about what I experienced, that if
NTP (a *current* version of it) finds that an interface doesn't work for
it, it gives up on it.

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