[ntp:questions] SNTPv4 Client Vs NTPv4 Server

Arul Kumar C arulkumar.c at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 12:10:08 UTC 2005

Hi All,

It is known that, SNTPv4 can act as a client (and sync) to a NTPv3
server.  Can we expect the same while we move to NTPv4. I.e. can the
same SNTPv4 client sync to a server that gets upgraded to NTPv4.

I am having  ntp-4.2.0, but I could not find any sntp related files in
it.  Or not even able to find an sntp package.  I am bit new to this
time protocols.  Could you please help me by pointing to sntp code.  As
discussion, it seems it is maintained in ntp group.

Thanks in Advance.

Arul Kumar C

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