[ntp:questions] Re: Which PBS station should I use for the time signal?

Gary Tait classicsat at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 15:26:40 UTC 2005

Taylor <taylor.taylor at gmail.com> wrote in news:TCXef.3162$w84.582832

> Gary Tait wrote:
>> Taylor <taylor.taylor at gmail.com> wrote in news:oUBef.2389$w84.435362
>> @news20.bellglobal.com:
>>>Buffalo sucks and so does Buffalo TV. Go for WTVS-TV56 Detroit, MI 
>>>(Detroit Public TV).
>> Not getting buffalo PBS, I get Detroit, I do have to say that their 
>> Saturday night lineup sucks compared to Schedule X, for the most 
> WQLN-TV54 Erie, PA airs Lawrence Welk at 7PM and Britcoms from 8-10:30 
> and Red Green at 10:30 for their Saturday nights.
> 8:00 = Keeping Up Appearences
> 8:30 = Waiting For God
> 9:00 = Fawlty Towers
> 9:30 = As Time Go Bys

See, thats what I mean (I do apologize to those that do like Lawrence 
Welk and Britcoms).

I like documentary stuff like American Experience, and a usually got 
that on PBS-X, on Saturday evening, beginning with Nova at 5 or 6, then 
Antiques Roadshow.

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