[ntp:questions] Garbage in Refid field - peers

TJ Horlacher tj at infigo.net
Thu Nov 17 22:55:08 UTC 2005

When doing a ntpq -p, I am getting garbage in the refid column from Windows 
servers. Happens when running ntpq from Linux or Windows, but if garbage is 
there, than it is always coming from a Windows ntp server.

 sv1.time.com      11 u    15    64    377    0.001 
242.768   4.142
 sv2.time.com     .Ñ                         16 u    25    512    0    0.000 
0.000 4000.00

Linux servers running ntp v4.2.0.a.20040617-8
Windows servers running ntp v4.2.0b at 20051016

Any advise, outside of don't run ntp on windows...


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