[ntp:questions] Re: Garbage in Refid field - peers

TJ Horlacher tj at infigo.net
Fri Nov 18 02:57:30 UTC 2005

"Danny Mayer" <mayer at gis.net> wrote in message 
news:437D3865.9050408 at gis.net...
> TJ Horlacher wrote:
>> When doing a ntpq -p, I am getting garbage in the refid column from 
>> Windows
>> servers. Happens when running ntpq from Linux or Windows, but if garbage 
>> is
>> there, than it is always coming from a Windows ntp server.
>>  sv1.time.com      11 u    15    64    377    0.001
>> 242.768   4.142
>>  sv2.time.com     .Ñ                         16 u    25    512    0 
>> 0.000
>> 0.000 4000.00
>> Linux servers running ntp v4.2.0.a.20040617-8
>> Windows servers running ntp v4.2.0b at 20051016
>> Any advise, outside of don't run ntp on windows...
> On the contrary, upgrade ntp on Linux. This bug was fixed a long time
> ago in the development stream.
> Danny

Danny thanks for the reply,

I may try that, but this is also happening when running ntpq from windows 
server console as well. Stating that, also keep in mind the gabage in the 
refid field is only coming from windows server peers. I would think if it is 
an ntp issue on linux, then I would only beeing seeing this problem when 
running ntpq on linux consoles.

I had previously reviewed ntp.org bug list, and you are correct - there is a 
listing that is new for Solaris and regarding 4.2.0b. However, I was hoping 
someone may have found a root cause or workaround.


In addition, 4.2.0 is production release, while 4.0.2a is point release and 
is supported by Redhat updates. Version 4.0.2b is not currenly supported 
since it is still development. As such, moving to 4.0.2b for linux would 
require us to move away from update mangement, related to ntp, to our redhat 
timeservers throughout our organization. This is not a serious problem - but 
does cause additional and hopefully unnecessary work down the road.

TJ Horlacher

>> thanks
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