[ntp:questions] Re: Leap second talks are postponed

Happy Trails undisclosed at obscure.com
Sun Nov 20 15:44:30 UTC 2005

>And the idea of clock time following solar time is also deeply embedded in
>contemporary culture. Researchers estimate that the difference between UTC and
>Earth time could increase to about an hour within several hundred years. 
>Daniel Gambis, of the Earth Rotation Service in Paris, which decides when to add
>or subtract leap seconds, told the BBC: "For me, it would be a problem if the
>Sun were to rise at 4pm or at a different time like noon or midnight. 

Isn't that why we all - except possibly China - adjust our clocks all
around the world in approximately 1000 mile bands by an hour or so to
suit our local schedules, with approximately some early am hour
coinciding with local sunrise?

The idea that anything anyone proposes here is going to make YOUR
sunrise occur at 4pm is preposterous, and just plain silly.

I can certainly sympathize with people who want to track satellites
and distant stars, but linking this leap seconds argument to where the
sun is at the time you are used to eating your cornflakes is really

An hour in several hundred years?

We in the eastern part of north America just fiddled with the idea of
postponing our return to standard time from daylight time, and I did
not hear of any plagues, epidemics or mass hysteria resulting from

Get real.

Get a realistic argument.

Happy Trails To You

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