[ntp:questions] Re: sntp output for bootstrapping system time

Christopher Nelson cnelson at nycap.rr.com
Tue Nov 22 15:44:44 UTC 2005

Harlan Stenn wrote:
> Please avoid using ntpdate.  It's being deprecated in favor of sntp.
> Are you using the sntp code from a recent ntp-dev snapshot?
> If you are having a problem with the latest sntp code, please file a bug
> report; near as we can tell the code in the ntp-dev snapshots has been
> working for a while.

adjust_time() in my sntp/timing.c contains:

    if (immediate) {
        errno = 0;
        /*  if (settimeofday(&new,NULL))
            fatal(1,"unable to reset current system time",NULL);*/
    } else {
        errno = 0;
       /* if (adjtime(&adjust,&previous))
            fatal(1,"unable to adjust current system time",NULL);*/

Where the heck did those comment characters come from?  I'm going to
remove them and see what happens.

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