[ntp:questions] "ntpd sendto invalid argument" with weird IPs

fortepianissimo at gmail.com fortepianissimo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 15:23:04 UTC 2005

I've noticed this ntpd error messages in my log (Fedora Core 3):

Nov 17 01:28:14 hostname ntpd[3762]: sendto( Invalid

>From this post I learned the errors came from a limitation of the
current implementation of ntpd:


and indeed around Nov 17 that time I restarted my network interface

But my question is: in these error messages I always saw these 3 IPs
being reported:

and a lookup scared me: domain name pointer domain name pointer vdben.xs4all.nl. is an alias for
29.tallence.47.238.213.in-addr.arpa domain name pointer

None of these look like time servers, and some of them even host weird

I looked at my /etc directory and couldn't find these IP mentioned

Am I hacked? And how is it related to ntpd?

Thanks a LOT in advance!

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