[ntp:questions] Re: Garmin GPS 18 firmware update -> 200ms offset

Roman Mäder newsXXF.10.rmaeder at spamgourmet.com
Tue Nov 29 13:17:25 UTC 2005

Patrick Klos wrote:

> .... Keep in mind that there is no relationship between the PPS and the
> time that the NMEA strings are sent over the (async) serial line except
> that the NMEA
> messages are EXPECTED to come out BEFORE the next PPS.  Of course, that's
> not
> always the case, but that's a different issue.  (we've seen NMEA strings
> for one second not show up until AFTER the following PPS causing all kinds
> of confusion!)

for the Garmin GPS 18 it's the other way around: the pps pulse precedes the
first NMEA sentence output for that second. As far as I can tell the start
of the sentence is aligned perfectly with the pulse.

Roman Maeder

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