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Sat Oct 1 02:16:40 UTC 2005

On Fri, 30 Sep 2005 05:01:51 GMT, camfarnell at cogeco.ca (Cam) wrote:

>Hello list,
>I've been alternately reading the NTP documentation and banging my head 
>on the desk, so please excuse any intemperance and/or incoherence.
>I'm glad my car's manual wasn't written by the same people who wrote the 
>NTP documentation or it would start with an exhaustive treatment of the 
>carnot cycle and then roar off into advanced thermodynamics when all I 
>wanted to know was how often to change the d**n oil. Pauses to bang head 
>on desk several more times. Apparently the idea of starting with simple 
>examples ("hello world") and working up to complex examples ("program to 
>prove the four-color theorem") didn't occur to them; they want to prove 
>the theorem right away.
>But I digress. I have a computer, lets call it MASTER, which has time of 
>day that I'm happy with. I have a bunch of other computers, all on the 
>same subnet, and I want them to set their clocks to match MASTER. That's 
>it. Sounds like the making of a real simple example. I believe this can 
>be done because the NTP pages make reference to an "Undisciplined Local 
>Clock" but as with all the documentation it assumes you are already an 
>expert so no simple example is given. Whack whack.
>So, finally, the question is: Does anybody have a link to a web page 
>that gives some simple examples (eg "to sync from machine do 
>this", "to setup a local undiciplined server do that")? If so it would 
>be greatly appreciated.
>Cam Farnell
>ps I've already R'd the F'ing M or at least made a serious attempt at 
>it. I don't want to know every arcane detail of NTP in the known 
>universe; I want to set up a *really* simple system.
>questions mailing list
>questions at lists.ntp.isc.org

I've been down the exact same road. With the same results.

My problem is even simpler. I want my computer to periodically read a
time standard someplace and set the pc/xp hardware clock
appropriately. I haven't been able to find out whether ntp sets the
local clock or replaces it. I know how to set the cmos clock manually.
Does ntp know how?

Maybe someday I'll have more than one machine. Not yet, though.


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