[ntp:questions] Re: NTP Multicast server/client?

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sat Oct 1 04:16:24 UTC 2005

Wilhelm Greiner wrote:
> If the local statement is in the config, it doesnt send multicast packets.
> Since i found that i dont use it anymore now.
Please file a bug report on this. I don't understand why this would be a 
  problem but someone should look at it.

> The configs are trivial configs.
> Server side is only
> server ntphost
> broadcast address key 1 ttl 1 iburst minpoll 4
> keys keyfile
Remove iburst and minpoll from broadcast. It makes no sense on a 
broadcast server. Also what is the IP address being used by the 
broadcast line? Please don't munge addresses, it doesn't help and 
doesn't protect you.

> Client side
> multicastclient address
> broadcastdelay delay
> trustedkey 1
> But i now tried different versions and now i see new things.
> Server Version is 4.1.1
> Client Version 4.2
> That does not working, but i compiled in an temp directory the version
> 4.1.2 for the client and it does working now.
> It will not be easy to change the Version on client side, so i tried to use
> 4.2 as server version this also does not work.
> On client side also ntp-dev-4.2.0b-20050926 and 4.2 stable doesnt work.

There is some sort of problem still with multicast on Linux that I have 
still not tracked down, though there is a hint of a solution in a recent 
bug report.

> I dont see on the affected Versions in the -d (Debug Output) the string/
> message "clock_filter".
> For example:
> ---
> clock_filter: n 1 off 0.000000 del 0.000015 dsp 7.937624 jit 0.000015, age 0
> ---
That has nothing to do with multicasting. The multicasting information 
is in the send and receive debug lines.

> Thats the only thing i see what differs.
> All these is on Fedora Core 3.
> I will try to test any versions (and other OS too) <-> and post working
> combinations.
> Also i see when ntpd with debugging runs that it transmits any packets
> to find out is the way back reachable.

I don't understand what you mean here. Can you explain?

> Can i turn off this initial trials??
I also don't understand this question.


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