[ntp:questions] Re: sync immediately

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Mon Oct 3 19:13:05 UTC 2005

ibrahim Akyildiz wrote:

>  Hi;
>How can i configure my ntp clients for immediately synchronize with ntp server?
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Depending on the version of ntpd that you are running, you may be able 
to start it with the -g option.  This causes ntpd to set the clock 
immediately to something close to the correct time.
If you are using an old version that does not suport -g, consider 
upgrading to the current version, V4.2.0 (soon to be V4.2.1).  If you 
can't upgrade, use ntpdate to set the clock to set the clock before 
starting ntpd.

This is not the same as "synchronizing immediately".   Synchronization 
from a cold start, even using -g  and the "iburst" qualifier on your 
server statements in ntp.conf, is a process that takes several hours.   
ntpd can gather the information needed to make preliminary settings 
within a minute or two.   The next few hours will be spent refining 
those initial settings until your clock is:
a. ticking at rate that causes it to advance at the rate of one second 
per second and,
b. reporting the correct time.

How close you can get to the correct time depends on the quality of the 
servers you use and the network that connects you to those servers.

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