[ntp:questions] Re: UK pool server denying access

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Thu Oct 6 02:40:29 UTC 2005

Ronan Flood wrote:
> chris-usenet at roaima.co.uk wrote:
>>>I'm not familiar with the limiting feature, but if I read the code aright
>>>and if your NNTP-posting-host header is to be believed, you're in 82.x.x.x
>>>and this server (ntpd 4.1.2) will only allow 3 active IPs in that "class A"
>>>per hour.  That might not be a sensible config for a public server ...
>>I've removed the limit instruction. I'd appreciate some advice on whether
>>that's a "sensible" thing to do, bearing in mind that I'm on a residential
>>DSL link (256 Kb uplink).
> ntpd 4.2.0 treats "class A" addresses individually rather than aggregating
> them within each block, so upgrading to that would change the behaviour.
> Or if you have the source of the version you're running, modifying
> libntp/netof.c to do the same would be an option.

I took a look at netof.c and I'm not convinced it's doing the right 
things. I will have to look more closely since networks are not all 
divided along Class A/B/C boundaries. In fact I'm not convinced that it 
can even do the job it's intended to do since it does not even get a 
network mask, just an address which is not sufficient. I will need to 
look at usage.

Please file a bug report on this.


> Can anyone with more understanding of limiting help here?

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