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SivaKumar Subramani ssubrama at ssd.usa.alcatel.com
Fri Oct 7 13:04:05 UTC 2005


Thanks for your reply.

Actually my requirement is to run a clock  which can be controlled by NTP
daemon process. I  want NTP to manage the clock functionality to do on my
clock not on the system clock.Actually a virtual clock shall be maintained by
the NTP daemon process with system clock functionality. Because the system
clock shall be controlled by some other program in the network, this shall
distribute the TOD to the entire network including my processor. This TOD
clock sometime may be set by the user manually.This TOD process shall get the
time info from the NTP process, the clock we mention here. Is there any
provision in the existing NTP to implement this functionality or we need to
add some source to have this functionality done.

We want this NTP clock should be an isolated one. We do not want NTP to set
system clock.
I've attached the architecture diagram to make it further clear on the
requirement. My intention is not to modify the source and finding out the
implementation options from the NTP experts to implement this.


Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 8:55 PM +0530 2005-10-06, SivaKumar Subramani wrote:
> >  Is it possible to make the NTP clock, timer run by the NTPD process and
> >  the system clock can be independent of each other.
>         There is no "NTP clock".  NTP works to discipline the system
> clock, no more and no less.
> >  Can the NTP timer alone be set by the NTPD process without disturbing
> >  the system clock.?
>         No.  See above.
> >  I'm little confused with the behavior of the system clock and the
> >  reference time. Whenever I change the system time by +/- by 10 min, the
> >  reference time also gets updated. Is this reference time refers the
> >  timer run by the NTPD process?  The clock /timer run by the NTPD process
> >  be independent to this alone. Any info on this issue is highly
> >  appreciable.
>         Tell us what you're really trying to do and what you really want
> and why, and maybe we can help you.
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